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What is Asseco ABP?

Asseco Advisory Banking Platform (Asseco ABP) is a universal IT system dedicated to employees of banks. It enables integrating all the necessary functionalities of various IT systems, which are needed to provide services to demanding customers.


Based on an omnichannel architecture, Asseco ABP enables mapping the workflow of complex business processes, which are performed with the help of multiple distributed IT systems, into a single versatile user interface. The system offers the access to innovative mini-applications, which allow for customizing the platform to employees' individual needs. With the use of the state-of-the-art technology, Asseco ABP improves the customer service quality and is a key element in digitizing banking facilities and building their competitive advantage.

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    Remote access
    also via tablets

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    360° client view

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    Individual, personalized
    and adaptive working environment

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    Digital Branch
    paperless customer service

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    Managing and automating
    processes through built-in workflow

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    Clear and user friendly

Where is the problem?

An active advisor is essential to providing high-quality customer service. However, how can a bank's employee be effective when forced to simultaneously operate multiple IT systems instead of taking care of a customer? Almost half of advisors are required to handle 3 or more applications, even up to 7! How is it possible in such a situation to focus on customers, become aware of their needs and respond to their expectations quickly?


The lack of information flow between a branch, a contact center and direct channels - these are further elements which negatively affect the effectiveness of an advisor. The development of technology and high customer expectations towards banks make an omnichannel architecture a standard. Therefore, it is necessary to implement modern solutions which, regardless of the access channel, provide a unified range of banking services.

Why is it worth implementing Asseco ABP

A complete focus on a customer is a key to success in modern banking - it is essential not only to know a customer's expectations but also to meet and exceed them. The solution provided by Asseco greatly enhances the effectiveness of services and is a guarantee of successful customer relations. It enables using a unified and compact customer service interface, regardless of systems used in a bank. It is simply an essential tool for every bank advisor.

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Asseco ABP involves hundreds of tasks, dozens of processes and just one desktop. In one place, a user is able to manage all the necessary functionalities of various IT systems which are used by a bank. The distinguishing feature of Asseco's proprietary solution are built-in functions which can be used at any stage of a chosen process.


Another distinguishing feature of Asseco ABP is the adaptability of the desktop, which automatically adjusts the display and presentation of information to the device on which a user works. Today it is not only a desktop computer, but also a tablet.

The system automatically adjusts the desktop to display size (RWD) and touch control. The implementation of Asseco ABP makes it possible to optimize each bank's operating costs in many ways:

  • it reduces the total cost of ownership of a bank's extensive IT architecture;
  • it opens up opportunities to respond quickly to business needs by developing new products and optimizing business processes.

Omnichannel banking

Omnichannel banking has significantly changed the way banks acquire and retain customers as well as provide services to them. It is a modern solution which offers a single and coherent environment that integrates digital and traditional communication channels. It provides integrated services, in which each channel provides up-to-date knowledge about customers' situation and processes. Smartphones, PCs, call center advisors or traditional branches offer the same capabilities. In turn, financial service sellers gain the access to an intuitive user interface, which greatly streamlines their work and improves customer service.

High functionality.

One system. One interface for customer service. Regardless of the system used in the bank.

Process management

Asseco ABP is equipped with an integrated workflow engine allowing for configuration and implementation of any business process in a bank.

Process monitoring

Asseco ABP makes it possible to track the efficiency of each employee or team, enabling you to identify any bottlenecks in your banking processes. Such information is available in the form of reports.

Adaptive user desktop

The Asseco ABP user desktop may be applied both on traditional computers and laptops, as well as on mobile devices such as tablets.

Work context

The business process implemented in the system is oriented toward conducting a sales conversation. The simultaneous file management of various clients is done on a common screen and does not require a transition to another process.

One desktop

Asseco ABP integrates the functionalities from multiple systems in one user platform, thus providing a comfortable workplace. It also enables easy search of data from all integrated systems.

Use of modern technology

Asseco ABP uses the Beacon technology, which detects and identifies customers entering a branch. In addition, the technology sends clients personalized information to their phone, invites them for a conversation with a free advisor, or informs them about the approximate waiting time. It also detects when a customer leaves a branch and asks for a quality assessment.

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